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Welcome to our blog! You'll find resources about what is happening in the world of finance, savings tips, and tricks, and learn about what is happening in our branches and around the community.

Our goal at Lookout Credit Union has always been to help our members become better off financially than they were when they joined. We hope that this blog can serve as a new way to help you along your continued journey to financial wellness. Test Link

  • 4 Things You Can Learn from the COVID-19 Crisis

    September 29, 2020 | Smart Spending Tips

    The global health concern that spurred devastating and immediate impacts for business, government, employment, and everyday life has left many wondering, “What can I do or learn as a result of the outbreak?” In truth, it has left families wishing they had been more prepared financially and in case of emergency to handle the unexpected crisis.

  • Car Insurance

    What You Need to Know about Car Insurance Quotes

    December 07, 2020 | Smart Spending Tips

    Car insurance is the best way to save you from taking loans and debt in case of accidents. Of course, how will you pay for expensive repairs after encountering any misfortunes?

  • Retirement

    Should You Pay off Debt or Save for Retirement?

    November 17, 2020 | Savings and Retirement

    Most people find it hard to decide whether they should pay off their debts first or save for retirement. Well, it depends on your debts and recent savings.

  • 6 Simple Ways to Reduce Your 2020 Tax Bill

    September 29, 2020 | Savings and Retirement

    Tax season can feel like hunting season —some of us are bringing home big game, and some of us are running for our lives! Either way, you can always bolster your plan to tack on added deductions and reduce your necessary payments. Before anything else, it may be time to tweak your W-4.