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2024 Board Election Results

70th Annual Meeting 

The 70th Annual Meeting of Lookout Credit Union was conducted on Wednesday, March 27, 2024 at 5pm (Mountain). Thanks to all those members that were able to attend. 

2024 Board Election Results

Election results were announced at the 70th annual meeting on Wednesday, March 27th. We would like to take the opportunity to inform the members of their newly elected board representatives. Our members have chosen the following individuals (in no particular order) to sit on the 2024 Lookout Credit Union Board of Directors (Three-year Term): 

  • Mike Synder 
  • Les Hernandez
  • Reese Jensen

2024 Election
Congratulations to all three candidates! 

2024 Lookout Credit Union Board of Directors 

Lookout Credit Union is led by a volunteer Board of Directors. Our diverse group of directors generously give their time and talent, uphold our good-business philosophy, and help guide Lookout towards success. As member-owners themselves, the Board of Directors are elected by their peers during the Annual Meeting.


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