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Fraud Education

We’ve partnered with a national identity theft protection service called "Fraud Defender" to help provide aggressive safeguards for our valued members. Our streamlined checking accounts come with both financial rewards as well as peace of mind with the Fraud Defender program.

We live in an amazing, connected world. An event can occur half-way around the world and not only will we know about it in a few minutes, but we'll have live reports and be able to see it as it happens.  Unfortunately, everything seems to have a potentially dark side and that is also true with computers, the internet and the digital world in which we live.  

Thieves are using technology to attempt to steal identities, access accounts, and even hoodwink you into giving them the information they need to earn their dishonest living.  With the wide-spread increase in consumer fraud, we think it is important to have a place you can go to find out about the latest schemes to steal your identity or illegally access your accounts.

Fraud Prevention Video - Securing your finances is the cornerstone of achieving financial success. At Lookout Credit Union, we prioritize instilling confidence in our members by assuring them that their money is safeguarded. To further protect you from fraud, here are some valuable tips to keep in mind.